New Camera!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Well folks, it has been a while, work has kept me oh so busy, but this week in invested in a new camera, the little lady pictured below is my first snap


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Around, all around, the dark memories gather.
My dread grows as the angry hand of Heaven falls against my heart.
It severs me, and darkly my
essence drips
to the broken ground.
In numbness I hang my head
while oblivion looms.
Now alone, my essence falls upon uncaring eyes.

This is my salvation

Underwood and Flinch Goes to Print

Sunday, 1 July 2012

When the opportunity to listen to Underwood & Flinch was presented I found myself debating whether I could stomach yet another story of the undead. Between CM’s The Vampire Diaries television series and a slew of recent books and movies, I feared that my taste for vampires was waning. Fortunately, your tale has left be hungry for more.

The story is full of underlying themes, well beyond the dark, toe-curling horror parts of the novel. The main theme is that of the life of a minority, much in the way Bram Stoker’s Dracula focuses on women as a minority. Aside from that, Mike also talks of history, crime, psychology and morality. He uses his main character as a vessel to portray what might even be human existence. He is without a doubt a very powerful writer. He has managed to intricately weave together a story that touches your emotions, without ever actually letting it on. You listen to the podcast, entranced by the plot and the horror, and when you finally put your iPod down and think back, you realize it was much more than just that!

Now, Mike is intending to publish this book in the near future but requires your help, he is hosting a fundraising campaign over at and need donations.

The Good thing is, if you donate as little as $10, you will not only get some great perks, But also your name will appear in his book as a patron. How cool is that, you become an immortal in a book about an immortal in Mikes award winning story.

So please follow the link below and if you can, donate what you can

The Fortune Teller

Friday, 16 March 2012


Cross my palm with silver
And I shall tell you
Your future
Thank you kindly
Now let us see
What lurks
I see a woman
So plump and brash
This here woman
Is after your cash
The crystal ball
Is getting murky
Cross my palm
With another thirty
Now the mist does clear
I see you
With money in hand
Betting on a horse
That wins you a grand
Now I see a young lady
She looks as if she’s in her late twenty’s
Now the crystal balls gone murky
Thank you kindly for another thirty
The lady I see
Is someone new to you
You will meet her really soon
Thank you kindly
Now this reading ends
So may fortune smile upon you
My….. Dear

The Gatekeeper

Sunday, 11 March 2012

What heartless creature from beyond would lead me to this seemingly dismal path, alone, cold, wet and confused?

I call to you in the pitch black room with no end nor beginning
I can hear you laughing in the corners of my mind
You see everything as I see nothing
I plead for forgiveness for the sins I will soon commit as this sin fills my insides.
I have fallen victim without warning; without cause
I want to believe in righteousness, but fear it is too late


Saturday, 10 March 2012

As some of you may have noticed, I have made a few additions to my site. The ones of note are the Mike Bennett page - giving you a short bio of the author and a short list of his works.

Also I have added a page called Die Chronik von Elum. This is about a friends new website dedicated to his pen and paper RPG.

The reason for these additions is quite simple, I have and im in the process of creating artwork for them both


You will notice to the left of this page under the link banners, a small adchoices banner, I would greatly appreciate it if you all click on it as it will help provide funding for future updates to this site as I shall soon be moving to a private domain which isn't cheap, and after all, its not much to ask as I provide images for your viewing pleasure for free. The good news is, clicking the link cost you nothing at all so I thank you all in advance. Just to be random, I would also like to say HPZF8YUYSK68

Underwood leaves Almacena

Monday, 5 March 2012


This was more of an experiment into creating a smoky image effect in photoshop. The background was made in hexagon then rendered in Vue. For the bat i used a standard stock image. I desaturated the bat,  used a soft eraser brush to blend in some of the harsh edges on the picture left from cutting it out then placed it onto a new layer and set the opacity to 70% and set the blending mode to screen.

I also added some smoke with a brush pack I downloaded but before that, I  added some smoke by just using the brush tool for its wings.

I made another  new layer, set its opacity to about 70% and then use the soft eraser brush to blend the smoke in with the bat and background layer.

Finally I made yet another new layer, filled it with a light blue then set its blending mode to overlay and dropped the opacity to around 30%

From Beyond Still

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Whilst rooting around my artwork drive, I came across this still of Crawford Tillinghast. It is the first frame from they story where our protagonist describes the dishevelled figure with candle in hand at the entrance to his house.

Theft at the Imaginarium!!!


Well the title says it all! A friend of mine has alerted me to 2 certain websites that have taken my artwork and posted them as their own work the scoundrels!! Now while I don't mind people using my artwork, indeed some of you already have and this I am quite happy with this, what I do mind is people claiming it is their work.

What this means for you the readers on my insane mind is unfortunately, I shall in future be adding a watermark which is IMHO somewhat intrusive to your viewing pleasure, I shall however have copies of the same work without watermark for those of you who wish a copy, but for that, you will have to ask for it. I'm sorry that I am forced to do this but I really have no choice.

Die Chronik von Elum

I have added a new page to my blog dedicated to Die Chronik von Elum.  An RPG by my good friend Jens Maskus, who late last year approached me to create some concept art for his game, Click the image above or the link on the top left of this page

Innsmouth Revisited

A second view of the notorious Innsmouth, I have slightly altered the lighting and water textures here,

Night on the Tiles

Friday, 24 February 2012


People have told me I should get out more, BAD IDEA! Why? because when i have a night on the tiles, there's nothing more I like than a bottle of Type-'o' Negative and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Cat Nom Nom Nom



Innsmouth is an abandoned 1930s New England coastal village. Why was it abandoned? It just may have something to do with the giant monster emerging from the ocean and it's little friends roaming