Underwood and Flinch Goes to Print

Sunday, 1 July 2012

When the opportunity to listen to Underwood & Flinch was presented I found myself debating whether I could stomach yet another story of the undead. Between CM’s The Vampire Diaries television series and a slew of recent books and movies, I feared that my taste for vampires was waning. Fortunately, your tale has left be hungry for more.

The story is full of underlying themes, well beyond the dark, toe-curling horror parts of the novel. The main theme is that of the life of a minority, much in the way Bram Stoker’s Dracula focuses on women as a minority. Aside from that, Mike also talks of history, crime, psychology and morality. He uses his main character as a vessel to portray what might even be human existence. He is without a doubt a very powerful writer. He has managed to intricately weave together a story that touches your emotions, without ever actually letting it on. You listen to the podcast, entranced by the plot and the horror, and when you finally put your iPod down and think back, you realize it was much more than just that!

Now, Mike is intending to publish this book in the near future but requires your help, he is hosting a fundraising campaign over at Indiegogo.com and need donations.

The Good thing is, if you donate as little as $10, you will not only get some great perks, But also your name will appear in his book as a patron. How cool is that, you become an immortal in a book about an immortal in Mikes award winning story.

So please follow the link below and if you can, donate what you can