Dark Insanity

Friday, 2 April 2010

The time for insanity had come,
The screams of horror,
By that which does not exist,
Comes to life within a slowing heartbeat.

Animals morphing into grotesque figures,
And we're watching you giggle,
As you rip out your much needed organs.
Eyes wild and bright you're going crazy tonight


screams of insanity said...

i think you are an insperation to the demented mind, our screams echoing through outthe world but noone hears them or even cares if they hear them or not but you....you my good Sir or Ma'am do hear them and post them for the whole world to see and i think its about time i love your art work and your poems they go along nicly with my mind on witch is to demented for society to even understand were im comming from thank you i hope you dont mind that i have posted your poam and picture on facebook for all to see