Mannequin Genocide (acrylic on canvas)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

    The sky is Red ,the colour of blood ,
    Mannequin's bleed ,yet they are not real ....
   The sky is Red ,the colour of Genocide .
    all is quiet now                                                             


Lom Gom said...

I've just got Around to seeing this as i've been extremely busy on a new project.

I love the depth of this, I would love to be able to see whats behind the screen, great work as ever


Hi Jon
Thanks for the comments ,and once again thanks for the invite into the Imaginarium .Although the chances are you really wouldn't want to see behind the screen ,this is the side i allow people to see .I'm protecting the innocent !.I look forward to your next contribution .
Cheers ,

Lom Gom said...

You may well be protecting the innocent, but I never claimed to fall under that category so therefore I probably would like to see.

As for the lack of new artwork, all will be revealed in time, but its going to be well worth the wait