Underwood leaves Almacena

Monday, 5 March 2012


This was more of an experiment into creating a smoky image effect in photoshop. The background was made in hexagon then rendered in Vue. For the bat i used a standard stock image. I desaturated the bat,  used a soft eraser brush to blend in some of the harsh edges on the picture left from cutting it out then placed it onto a new layer and set the opacity to 70% and set the blending mode to screen.

I also added some smoke with a brush pack I downloaded but before that, I  added some smoke by just using the brush tool for its wings.

I made another  new layer, set its opacity to about 70% and then use the soft eraser brush to blend the smoke in with the bat and background layer.

Finally I made yet another new layer, filled it with a light blue then set its blending mode to overlay and dropped the opacity to around 30%