The Fortune Teller

Friday, 16 March 2012


Cross my palm with silver
And I shall tell you
Your future
Thank you kindly
Now let us see
What lurks
I see a woman
So plump and brash
This here woman
Is after your cash
The crystal ball
Is getting murky
Cross my palm
With another thirty
Now the mist does clear
I see you
With money in hand
Betting on a horse
That wins you a grand
Now I see a young lady
She looks as if she’s in her late twenty’s
Now the crystal balls gone murky
Thank you kindly for another thirty
The lady I see
Is someone new to you
You will meet her really soon
Thank you kindly
Now this reading ends
So may fortune smile upon you
My….. Dear

The Gatekeeper

Sunday, 11 March 2012

What heartless creature from beyond would lead me to this seemingly dismal path, alone, cold, wet and confused?

I call to you in the pitch black room with no end nor beginning
I can hear you laughing in the corners of my mind
You see everything as I see nothing
I plead for forgiveness for the sins I will soon commit as this sin fills my insides.
I have fallen victim without warning; without cause
I want to believe in righteousness, but fear it is too late